Ok, people keep asking me why ForbinProject? Well it’s pretty simple and straight forward, it’s my favorite movie of all time! If you know me then you know I am a huge sci-fi fan with a real feather up my butt for stories dealing with computers becoming sentient and taking over the world and just causing all kinds of havoc. Hollywood is obsessed with the idea and I am totally there for that! The computer in the movie was called Colossus, actually the official move title is “Colossus: The Forbin Project“, which gave birth to a generation of computers taking over from HAL in “2001: A Space Odyssey” to Protus IV a much lesser known computer villain that was bent on understanding the human condition and becoming part of it, in the classic movie “Demon Seed“. If your interested in chatting crazy movie computer history then feel free to drop me an e-mail. But I must digress and get back to the site… 

I have very varied interests I have been a geek all my life and worked on many projects both tangible and some not so much, so I started this site to help organize them from the largest to the smallest share them, and possibly discuss and work with others on future projects. It’s not really an ego site, but more like a dumping ground that others can get in on the dumping. As the site grows I want to add something like forums and a #slack channel and maybe more stuff as we go forward. That all depends on response and what we all decide what the site needs.

Obviously I am just getting things going on this side and of course this site is a project itself so it may get a little meta around here from time to time so bare with me. And you never know what I may post about so if you are easily offended chances are it may happen but I would hope there can be an adult dialog instead of back-sniping and flame wars (is that a thing anymore?). However I do promise not to turn off or censor comments except in certain extreme cases and I think we all know what that means.

  • Hardware Projects

    Hardware Projects

    I love to do desktop builds and case mods, including RasberryPi projects and other fun hardware related things even a review here or there of something I find cool.
  • Software Development

    Software Development

    Software Dev has been a passion of mine since forever, I speak fluent C#, C++, and C. I am dabbling in PowerShell and Java for scripting and coding on other platforms. From the simplest .bat files to full blown projects I can talk about will be here.
  • Windows 10

    Windows 10

    Also I am a Windows 10 beta tester in the #WindowsInsider program with about a million other people. So here I will be posting some adventures and mis-adventures in the largest beta program ever.
  • General

    General & Misc.

    And of course the bucket that most other life stuff falls into, here are projects that are more offline, self-help, workout routines, things that keep me sane and away from the computer and technology.